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Sponsorship Opportunities

Allison is a rider and trainer who has always trained her own horses not only to succeed in competitions, but to also be sound and happy partners. Financial backing has never been available, so hard work has been the only key to her success. As she moves up the levels in Dressage, she is seeking sponsorships to help cover the costs of competing in the FEI and International rings.  Monetary donations are used for the costs of feeding, transportation, vet and farrier expenses and competition costs. Donations of items and services are also accepted. If you or your business are interested in becoming a sponsor, we have unlimited opportunities for donations and incentives. Contact Allison to see how we can work together!

Donations and Benefits

Monetary Donations: We accept any donation amount, and all money goes directly to competition and horse care costs. Benefits depend on the amount donated, and can include but are not limited to:

  • An ad or space on our website with a link to your company's website
  • Company banner or logo displayed at competitions
  • Logo embroidered on coolers, saddle pads, shirts, etc. worn and displayed by Allison and her team.
  • Magnetic sign displayed on the Pyramid Equestrian truck or horse trailer
  • Photographs of Allison in competitions with a hand-written note thanking you and/or your company for your sponsorship
  • Many other opportunities available...

Contributions of Goods or Services: Operating a training, sales, and competition stable involves the use of a wide array of products, services, and equipment.  Allison proudly accepts and promotes products that are donated to her, her horses, and her stable. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire in the equine world, let us help increase your sales by using your product or service and spreading the word.

  • Products and equipment include: supplements, feed, saddle pads, boots, saddles, bridles, halters, blankets, coolers, clothing, helmets, tractor, arena footing... the list is endless!
  • Services include: Veterinary, farrier, equine and human chiropractics, equine and human massage therapy, clinics and instruction, website maintenance, embroidery services, photography and marketing, etc.

Investment Horse Opportunity: An investment horse can be purchased by the investor/owner based on Allison’s recommendation, or bred and raised by the investor/owner. She then takes the horse in training, and as trainer/owner competes and markets him as she deems appropriate. You, as the investor/owner, are responsible for all out of pocket expenses, including board, shoeing, vet work, competition costs, etc. As the trainer/owner, Allison is responsible for the day-to-day supervision and training of the horse. Upon sale of the horse, after all costs paid by the investor/owner are recovered, the profit is split as agreed upon between the investor/owner and the trainer/owner.  As the investor/owner, your name will appear as the owner in competition and award announcements, and can even be included in the horse's show name (i.e. Desire WF or Microsoft's Rockit).




Current Sponsors for 2012


Allison's 2012 Goals

  • Find a sponsor to purchase or lease an FEI competition mount in order for Allison to compete FEI and continue her upper level education
  • H. Szovaljo (7 year old gelding):
    • compete in USDF competitions at 1st and 2nd levels
    • qualify for and compete in the USDF Championships and achieve HOY awards
    • ride in clinics offered in the area, including Christine Taurig and Jeremy Steinberg
    • Find sponsors to help continue training and competing through the levels
  • Desire WF (4 year old mare):
    • compete in USDF competitions at Training level and USEF 4 Year Old qualifiers
    • qualify for and compete in the Markel Young Horse Championship in Illinois
    • compete in-hand in the USDF Breeders Championship for broodmares
    • Sell at the end of the show season or find a long-term sponsor to be able to continue through the levels
  • Assist students with their training and competition goals

Allison with Desire WF in the USDF Test for 4 Year Olds May 2012