Pyramid Equestrian




Boe's Valde  SOLD

1994 Norwegian Fjord Gelding, 14.3 hands, dun.

Just look at that face! Adorable doesn't sum up this surprisingly athletic and talented Fjord! He has been competing Training and First level with his amateur owner, and is schooling all of the 2nd level and some 3rd with his trainer. He has an incredible walk with excellent reach and swing. His trot has more loft than you would expect for his size, and is easily maneuverable for lateral work with good reach in his lengthenings. He always gets 8s on his stretchy circle. His compact canter makes it easy to collect for schooling pirouettes, yet there is an awesome medium canter in there as well! Don't let his size or age fool you. The rider in the photos is 5'7" and there is still plenty of leg room left in this compact model.

Let's get down to basics...
"Raleigh" is sound (we started him on joint supplements as we increased the workload), he goes well barefoot, and is an incredibly easy keeper. He is up to date on all teeth, shots, worming, and chiropractic work. He loves going out on hacks either leading, following, or alone. Goes at shows the same as he does at home. Clips (sometimes several body clips through the winter!), loads like a dream, and loves to play in the water when bathed. His ground manners are great, his only vice is the occasional pull away to get that coveted grass, but is prevented easily with a stud chain under the chin. Raleigh is not for the timid or beginner rider or a small child. He is a strong horse who can get "creative" when he is bored or feels he can get away with it. But he can also be light and soft when ridden on the aids correctly. He has jumped in the past and seemed to like it and did well at it, but Dressage seems to be his calling. 


"Raleigh" has a show record with numerous schooling shows from Intro to First levels with his high score of 77% at First level with Allison, and 69% with his owner at Training level. His scores in USDF recognized shows have never been below 60% with his amateur owner at both Training and First levels, ranging all the way up to 67.6%.  Watch for him at First level with Allison in August, assuming you don't snatch him up first!

UPDATE:  Raleigh scored a 64.7% at First Level Test 2 at the Summervale Dressage Festival!

UPDATE: Raleigh put in 3 solid tests at the August Whidbey Island shows, with scores from 61.6% to 65.1%, all at First Level.