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"Thank you so much for coming out to [Pony Club] championships and coaching! I appreciate everything you do for Bentley and I; we would not be anywhere close to where we are today without you! Thanks again!"
-Kelsea D and "Bentley"
"Allison has coached my beautiful off-the-race-track Thoroughbred, Liberty, seamlessly towards his new career in dressage.  He is a very happy horse in his new discipline, in large part due to Allison’s clear, perceptive, and insightful training techniques.  I love how she treats my horse with such respect and integrity while keeping him focused, positive, and advancing with each lesson.  His growth has been dramatic under her thoughtful instruction.  Allison has just the right touch of subtlety and clarity in communicating what she wants, both from the horse and the rider.  She has also given me the beautiful gifts of confidence and technique as I move towards my goal as an emerging dressage rider." - Celeste Brady and "Liberty"

"I have been nothing but pleased since I started training with Allison several years ago!  I was looking for a trainer who focused on correct methods, showed patience with the horses, and had an understanding of my (sometimes irrational!) fear issues.  Allison has exceeded all of my expectations, and last season's show results prove it!  After owning Raleigh for only months, I started to show him under Allison's coaching.  We went to several shows and won blues at each show, despite my nerves.  I believe our success has been due to Allison's support and training.  I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have found such a wonderful trainer!"  -Misty Ashbrook and "Raleigh"

"I began my lessons with Allison when my aging jumper still had plenty of life in him, but no longer for the jumper ring. Allison helped me make the transition to Dressage and learn to love the sport and all it has to offer. She has done wonders to help me not only get started but continue to progress steadily. And when I was ready to move up to a new horse, Allison helped me find a horse that was beyond my expectations and still within my budget. Thank you Allison!" - Anne Bartlett and "Chamberlain"

"I started taking lessons from Allison two years ago after taking about twenty years off from riding.  She is aiding in my transition from "force" alone to a much more productive way of working WITH horses rather than in opposition to them.  Allison has a gentle, and fair but firm manner that horses respect and respond to in a way that gets the results I'm looking for, with the horse's attitude still positive."  - T. Stewart, DVM

Nola was nervous about trotting, so Allison took the reins.
"Thanks Allison for helping build her confidence. She said she wants to trot next time.... you have really raised the bar, thanks for a great lesson!" - Mary Jane and daughter Nola

"Dear Allison,
Thank you for taking a young, energetic, and uncertain colt, giving him a firm foundation and guiding him to become a relaxed, confident, and obedient partner plus a show champion!
Arrow's achievements in the show ring this year (USDF Region 6 Training Level Reserve Champion, Northwest Dressage Training Level Reserve Champion, USDF All Breeds Training Level Reserve Champion, USDF All Breeds Materiale Champion, Hungarian Horse Assn. Materiale Champion, and High Point Hungarian-USDF Region 6 Championships) were beyond my wildest expectations.
It was so heartwarming & gratifying to see my "homebred" achieve this level of success under your guidance, particularly in light of the difficult competition and with this being Arrow's first show season. Experiencing the thrill of winning was pretty fun, too!"
- Henrietta Morey, Liberty Farms Sport Horse Company

"One who believes that he has mastered the art of horsemanship has not yet begun to understand the horse."  -Author Unknown

"Last fall I was in a serious quandary about who to send an extremely innocent and naive young three-year-old mare. She couldn't go to anyone who would fit her into 'the program'. Allison and Desire absolutely clicked on their first meeting, and Allison was just what Desire needed. We found our trainer! They have been successful in the ring at the FEI Four-Year-Olds in 2012! Allison has the touch with horses."

-Cathi Jensen of Wilderness Farms Hanoverians

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